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Allegan State Game Area

View in Allegan State Game Area, Allegan County, MichiganThe Allegan State Game Area itself is a 50,000-acre tract of state land open to a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities. Less organized than, say, a state park, the state game area is managed for a number of uses, including hunting, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, camping, bird-watching, and resource management. On a wider view, the area around the State Game Area is similar in many respects, being predominantly wooded and rural in nature with some pockets of agriculture mixed in. No large communities are found in this portion of the county.

While the central core of this area is the state-owned recreation and resource lands with their outdoor activities, many people have also chosen to call this portion of the County their home. Those desiring a largely rural and often wooded landscape, including larger parcels of land, have gravitated toward this area. While somewhat farther from shopping, restaurants and the like, nearby towns are usually within a few minutes' drive, with larger communities within a half-hour drive. Those who relish the seclusion and "elbow-room" offered by this largely rural area also enjoy many of the recreational pursuits offered nearby as well.

View from Allegan State Game Area, Allegan County, MichiganAlso in this area are a few of the larger lakes in County which are generally more heavily settled with cottages and lakefront-type homes. Boating, waterskiing, fishing, and swimming are all activities enjoyed by those using and living on or near these lakes.

The communities in or near the Allegan State Game Area region include:

Map of Allegan County Communities Lakeshore Area Inland Area Allegan State Game Area

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